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COVID-19 Salon Policies and Procedures.

This page was updated on May 13, 2020
The policies and procedures detailed on this page are subject to change in order to comply with local government and CDC regulations.

1. Appointments will have extra time built in for Sanitation Time between clients.
2. ALL CLIENTS will be required to pay a $100 deposit for all color/chemical services. The deposit is only refundable if changes or cancellations are made within 48 hours of the appointment.
REASON: We cannot fit as many clients in per day, and spots will be limited as it is.
This policy may change in a few months when things start to get back to normal.
There is no deposit required for haircuts, but will be if they no show or cancel without 48hr notice.
3. We will be collecting a cell phone number for the client as well as an e-mail. Our confirmation e-mails will include a link to anything they need to know about COVID policy at Rebel’tude.

1. Clients will asked to call the front desk or text their stylist when they have arrived, but to stay in their car until we text them to come in.
2. Guests will be asked to leave their coat and purse in the car and bring in only the essentials, such as their phone and keys and payment. This is a request only. If they are uncomfortable leaving their purse in the car, they may bring it in – but no coats unless they plan to wear it the entire time. I’ll be doing away with the coat rack for now.
It’s summer, shouldn’t be a big deal.

3. Guests will not be allowed to have any other persons with them at the appointment.
4. As one guest leaves, another may enter the salon – so getting people checked out and out the door will be a little more stream lined then the chatty intervals we’ve become accustomed to..
5. When the guest enters the salon, there will be a mark on the floor where they can stand until they are greeted by their stylist or receptionist
6. Each guest will be asked to use hand sanitizer and will be asked to wear a mask. We will have them available, but guests are more than welcome to bring their own.
7. All guests will have a temperature check.
8. Each guest will be asked to sign a COVID-19 Release of liability form and answer a few basic questions.
9. These forms will be kept at the salon for about 30 days and then destroyed.

1. All stylist have been required to “refresh” their sanitation certification
2. Stylist will be required to wear a freshly laundered stylist apron for each client and a face  mask.
3. Temperature checks will be done on all employees.
4. Wipe down your entire station with disinfectant prior to each client.
5. Cover the chair with a disposable sanitary cover that will be discarded after each client.
6. All used brushes, combs, clips, tools and implements will be sanitized after each client.
7. I will supply zip lock bags, or they can use something of their own. All brushes, combs and clips must be in a sealed container that says “sanitized” on it.
8. Stylists will be provided with a Barbicide container to immediately put used combs and clips in and another container for used brushes to be placed in until they can be sanitized.
9. Stylists will grab the products they use most and have them at their station to use for the day. This will eliminate having to sanitize and re-sanitize back bar styling products.
10. Once you and your guest have sanitized your hands in front of each other, you may escort them to the styling chair.

1. If a smock is required to protect clothing, we are still providing them, and I will have plastic bags available for them to hang their shirt and cover it on the rack. Smocks will be laundered and covered in a garment bag. We that you put the smock in the laundry basket end of the service and not to hang it back up. Dispose of the garment bag that has been used.
2. Beverages and snacks will still be offered but served by our receptionist. Please do not touch items at the coffee bar.
3. As always, our capes have been laundered between clients.
4. Neck massages will still be offered, and hand sanitized before and after.
5. Gloves may or may not be warn throughout the entire service, but if not, our stylists will be be sure to re-sanitize hands every time they leave the client and come back.
6. AT THE BOWL: Our sanitation patrol will be sanitizing the bowls and bowl chairs between clients. We will either put a towel over the clients mouth or a face mask while they are at the bowl as they will be closer to other clients in this area.
7. Hand massage will still be offered and we will be sure to hand sanitize before and after, both the stylist and client.
8. Sanitation patrol will be wiping down and sanitizing shampoo bottles throughout the day.
9. We are encouraging our stylists to pre-book their client at the chair to avoid gathering at the front desk.
10. All payment types except checks will still be accepted. We will have stylist pens available for the clients to use that can be sanitized instead of putting chemicals on the ipad screen all day!
11. We prefer not to touch the clients credit card, but show them where to insert and walk them through the signature process (using the pen stylist)

1. We encourage our guests to use our online store for direct delivery.
2. We ask that our guests do not touch items on the retail shelves.
3. Our staff will be happy to assist you in finding what you are looking for and any item that is “touched” must be put to the side to be sanitized before being put back on the shelf.
4. There will be signs posted reminding everyone to comply and ask for assistance for products.

There will be spray hand sanitizer bottles EVERYWHERE LOL – a couple at the front desk, one at each styling chair, a couple back at the shampoo bowls etc.
The bathroom will have a touch-less soap dispenser and a touch less paper towel dispensers and we will do away with washable hand towels for now.
Our sanitation patrol person will be on alert and sanitizing everything all the time!!
Door handles, processing chairs, front desk, bathroom fixtures etc.
There will be no magazines or unnecessary touch points.
I will not require face masks, unless the government requires face masks, but they will be available for anyone who wishes to wear one.
We have stocked up on extra gloves, face masks, disposable drinking cups, sanitizer, bleach and barbicide!