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Hair Extensions Questions Answered!
What are Hair Extensions?
Taking additional hair and adding it to your own hair creating lots of volume and/or length. This can be done using several different methods. We use the fusion method, beaded and tape in methods. We also offer custom temporary extensions in the form of Halos and Falls.
Hair Extensions come in both Human Hair and Synthetic Hair depending on your preference and lifestyle. We only use Hair Extensions that are made with some of the World's Finest Quality 100% Human Hair.
We used Donna Bella, Dream Catchers and Halo Couture Extensions and have several Rebel Stylists who are certified in three different application processes:

1: Tape In : Creates a seamless look and feel using 1-2" wefts of hair. This is the quickest application method. However, the removal and re-installation can take a bit more time. The hair can be used 2-6 times depending on the brand and home care of the hair.

2: Beaded Extensions: 1/4 inch strands of hair are attached to your existing hair with small beads that are crimped to hold. This method leaves no residue and allows for a faster maintenance appointment then some other methods. The hair can be used 2-6 times depending on the brand and home care of the hair.

3: Heat Fusion: Using a heat tool a keratin wrap bonds the 1/4" hair strand to your hair.
This method allows for very little slippage of the extensions. In most cases, the hair can not be re-used and new extensions must be purchased every 6-8 weeks.

4. Daily Wear: Such as Halos and Clip Ins or Falls.

This will be my first time wearing Hair Extensions, what do I do?
First decide which Extension application you prefer, as not everyone likes or uses the same method. Choosing the proper color is very important. Some people prefer to match the Extensions to your own Hair color and others prefer getting the Extensions, and then coloring your own Hair to match the Extensions. You also need to decide on the texture that will blend best with your own hair, in addition to the length you would like your Extensions to be. We require that you come in for a free extension consultation prior to getting your extensions so that we can help you make these decisions prior to the application. We will order your custom extensions at your consultation and then set up a follow up appointment to install them.

How much hair do I need?
A lot depends on the length and fullness of your own hair, and the look you want to achieve when adding your Extensions. The general rule, if adding fullness only and your own hair is similar to the length of the Extensions, using 2 to 4 ounces of hair should be plenty to give you lots of volume. (2-3 packs) If your own hair is much shorter then the length of the Extensions you will be attaching, 6 to 8 ounces of hair should be used in order to achieve a full natural look. (4-8 packs) Also keep in mind, the longer the Extension length, the more hair you will need for a full look. This is just an approximate guide, and remember it is better to have more hair then not enough. The left over hair will never go to waste and can always be used next time.

How much will extensions cost me?
Naturally this question is best answered after a thorough consultation, because the cost of the extensions is based on how much hair is needed.
Most clients can expect the hair investment (cost to purchase extensions) to be anywhere from $500-1400 for our standard quality extensions. This price does NOT include installing the extensions.
Upkeep (moving the extensions) will usually run about $200-400 per visit.

What is Remy Hair?
Remy Hair, which may also be called Remi or Cuticle Hair is hair that is cut from one donor. It is the healthiest hair because it is is hand picked strand by strand to ensure that all cuticles remain aligned and intact. With proper care, Remy hair will stay soft and beautiful wash after wash.

Is it ok to Brush and use a Blow Dryer, Flat Iron and Curling Iron on my Extensions?
You can absolutely treat your new hair just as you would your own. Curl it, straighten it and most of all, enjoy it! I suggest washing your Extensions every 3rd day as the hair does not get the oils or dirt clinging to it as your own hair does. Deep wave and Curly Hair textures should not be brushed as it can get frizzy. It is best to use a wide tooth comb or your fingers to scrunch.

How do I wash my Hair Extensions?
Wash and condition the hair in one direction, from top to bottom. Put shampoo/conditioner in your hands and run hair through your palms. Avoid washing hair upside down in the sink or scrunching on top of your head. It is suggested to use shampoos and conditioners that hydrate and add moisture.

What Products can I use?
You can use Mousse, Gel and Hairspray, but be sure that the products are alcohol free as alcohol is a drying agent. In between shampoos, a leave in spray conditioner is great, especially on the ends.
Olapex is a great treatment for your hair extensions!

Can I color and perm my Hair Extensions?
Because the hair has already been processed with color and in some cases texture, we do not advise having any additional chemical processing. We do offer wavy textures to prevent having to perm the hair which is available in numerous colors. If you want to darken the hair, you can absolutely color the hair using any Amonia Free hair color, and it will come out beautifully. You never want to use Bleach or attempt to lighten the color, that is a no no!!

Can I have color done on my natural hair while wearing my Extensions?
We can definitely color your natural hair. Many clients come in for new growth touch ups while leaving the extensions in place. (depending on type of extensions) For an all over color, we would removed the extensions during the color service.

How long will my Hair Extensions last?
This is a very difficult question to answer, and it is a question that is frequently asked. There are so many factors to consider; hair quality, products used, climate, water, how often hair is washed, heating tools, and of course how you individually care for your hair.
We would like to say that, if taken care of properly, your extensions should last about 4-6 mos. Plan on a maintenance appointment to move the extensions up the hair shaft at about 8-10 weeks.
Our higher quality, Dream Catchers, extensions can last up to 24 months.

Will the Extensions damage my own hair?
Hair Extensions should not damage your hair if properly cared for and maintained. Upon removal of your Extensions, when you first brush out your own hair, it is not uncommon to have some hair build up in your brush. This is perfectly normal and will occur regardless of which Extension Application you use.