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Hair Model Requirements

Thank you for considering being a model for the Rebel'tude Stylists!

Why does Rebel'tude offer reduced prices and even complimentary services to models??
Sometimes we have a stylist that has learned of a new technique they want to try, or perhaps we are dying to try a new product or color. Mannequin heads never give you accurate results, so we prefer to use live models!

We also use live models in our probation period when we hire a new stylist. New Rebel stylists are required to do up to 42 live models before they are able to take paying clients. These stylists have already auditioned with Rebel'tude and have proved they can do hair, now we want to make sure they are up to Rebel'tude expectations!


*You will be told if there is a fee for your service when it is booked and also before the service begins. If the service is complimentary, it is still customary for you to tip your stylist.

*Your hair type, color, length etc, must be suitable for the service being done.

*The service you are scheduled for is the service you will receive. If you have scheduled for a pixie hair cut and then decide you want a shoulder length cut, you may be asked to reschedule your appointment for another time when that model service is needed.

*If you schedule to be a model and "no show" or cancel with less than 48hrs notice, you will not be considered for a model in the future.

*There are no children allowed in the salon under 12 yrs old. Please get a babysitter :)

*Please do not bring a friend with you. We have very limited space in the salon.

*Additional services may be requested during your visit, but will only be done if time permits and will be charged at the full salon rate.

*You may be asked to complete a model review/survey at the end of your service. Please answer as honestly as you can because we rely on your feedback to create an awesome experience for everyone!

*There may be times when the model service is no longer required. For example, our new hires and externs are required to do certain services until they prove they have mastered it. If they meet that requirement before your scheduled service, we will notify you that you will no longer be needed for that model service. Doing reduced fee or complimentary services is expensive for the salon, and we will only offer these services when needed. We will always try to give you 3-4 days notice and will offer you another model service if available. We reserve the right to cancel MODEL appointments for any reason and will owe you nothing.