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Rebel'tude Extern Program

Rebel'tude Salon & Spa is excited to partner with local cosmetology schools to offer externships to aspiring stylists!

Cosmetology students who are exceeding in their program are often offered the opportunity to complete their final 80-100 hours of Cosmetology training in a salon environment.

Although many salons offer this opportunity, we believe the experience at Rebel'tude is one of the most beneficial.

You will not be required to stand around, hold foils or clean up after other stylists all day. Our program gets you IN THE HAIR doing live model cuts, foils, colors and Balayage.

Many of our externs continue on with Rebel'tude as full time stylists.

Because you are treated as an employee and part of the entire Rebel'tude team during your externship, the process may be different than other externship programs in the area.

Rebel'tude does not have formal educators on staff, you will learn and be inspired by stylists who earn their living behind the chair. You will learn the way they learned, by making mistakes and adjusting.

It is assumed when you are accepted into the program that you have been successful thus far in your cosmetology training and have mastered the basics.

Before you are accepted into the program, you will be required to come in for a formal one on one interview with Mickey (the owner). She will want to see your portfolio and instructor and client references.

Once accepted, we will work with you to set a schedule that works best for you and the Rebel'tude Staff to get your hours completed within a few weeks. You may be required to do as many as 42 live models before being considered a full time Rebel Licensed Stylist. You will also be required to attend all staff meetings and training dates during your externship. You will earn hours for all participation.

All externs are brought into the program with the intention of being hired on once licensed.